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How to Avoid Account Suspension on Amazon

Account Suspension:- It’s easy to get on the Amazon bandwagon and fall easily if your store doesn’t meet strict criteria and Amazon suspends you. Coming back is more difficult so it is better for Amazon sellers to be vigilant and prevent any such thing from happening. Just follow these tips.

Respond to Product Quality Notifications-

Have you been warned about the quality of the item you sold has generated excessive returns, or about
buyer complaints, functionality, or compatibility with your listing description? Take action to internally
review all of your processes around your item sourcing, inspection, and listing materials to ensure that
you demonstrate capabilities for operational improvement.

Out of stock, and not planning on re-listing or selling the item? Make sure the listing is removed, locate
and remove any remaining listings (if FBA has any left), then communicate with Amazon what you did
to fix the problem. Request an account annotation and make it more concrete in their mind that you
have taken the reported issue seriously enough to determine the nature of the shortfall when offering
your already executed action plan.

What will it show them? You are a pragmatic seller willing to remove inventory or products to preserve
the buyer’s experience on the site, even if it means some lost sales. You are regularly checking return
reasons, looking for messages about dissatisfaction with buyers’ orders, and taking steps to prevent
future problems with future orders. You are participating in the market by truly managing your
account, not participating as a bystander type of seller, listing and selling, and hoping to repeat enough
sales to generate profits month after month.

How do you tell them? You find the best writer in your company, master the art of communicating
ideas and put them front and center for notification replies. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the owner
or manager of your teams or someone who is of a high standard in your tasks. This should be part of
your standard operating procedures.

Make sure all extraneous, unrelated information is nowhere to be found. Delete comments about
metrics, plans to sell other things soon, or how much you’d like it if Amazon called you to explain their
approach. It should be detailed but concise and include specific item quality matters. Are you changing
suppliers and sourcing elsewhere? Show them the verifiable information on that supplier, and tell them
why the change eliminates the problem.

Are you aware of security incidents surrounding a particular product, and have temporarily removed the products from FBA for further inspection? Explain this to them in detail, and look at it as a comprehensive action plan. They’ll catch you doing what you say you’re doing, so it’s not just for show. This is the real deal – make sure you do it, and effectively.

Stay Informed-

When the world has mountains of resources to guide you, and actually warn you of impending dangers,
don’t live in a tiny bubble of your own made-up Amazon.

Not so knowledgeable on social media? Just as your best writer drafts your correspondence for seller
Respond to product quality notifications performance or product quality, make sure someone in your
Amazon account management circle heeds policy warnings you receive to other sellers who may not.
Ignores any action to be taken.

What happens to someone else in your category today may happen to you tomorrow, so stay active in
Facebook groups or email newsletters with up-to-date information on what the team is doing, like
product quality.

I understand that Amazon often operates with impunity and turns a dime, but that’s not always the case.
Often, sellers who contacted me indicated that they didn’t know of a certain brewing storm, which led
to their Account Suspension weeks in advance and came as no surprise to informed sellers.

Respond to product quality notifications in 2019, sellers suspended specifically for notice claims of
product review abuse or infringement often told me they had no idea the practice they had practiced
could turn into sanctions. In our world, both of these cases were visible for months out. Many of those
suspensions could have been prevented.

Remove the Problematic Products-

Always blame buyers or competitors for the usual “unproven” warnings, and don’t assume it’ll all go
away with a simple email to Amazon, with the invoice attached, indicating how much you’ll need
without bad feedback or claims. There was a sale.

Don’t stick to selling something that regularly attracts your customers, leading to listing removals,
warnings, and further checking of your Amazon account. When in doubt, throw it out! Especially
during Q4, when you can barely afford to be an upset item, drag your entire account down during its
peak selling season!

If this is your best-seller list and you have too much to look back on right now, make sure you quickly
find out the reasons why people keep complaining about it. What you learn from a negative buyer
experience alert today, you still have access to that listing, which could prevent a permanent revocation
of that listing tomorrow! Before you simply deny that you might consider removing a favorite, make a
solid risk assessment and value judgment.

Active, two-way communication with Amazon is the most important thing you can do to protect your
account. Look at the information they and their customers are giving you on their accounts and respond

Account Suspension
Account Suspension

#1 Monitor Listing-

Monitor your listing for price and description at all times to ensure that prices match similar products
offered by other sellers. Click on Inventory then Manage Inventory and then on Fix Price Alert and
select Possible Pricing Error and then confirm by setting minimum and maximum price limits so you
can avoid the embarrassment of suspending Amazon account based on price.

#2 Get in Touch with Amazon for Every Notification-

To avoid Amazon Account Suspension always stay on top of notifications and respond quickly, possibly
in minutes and adopt a polite, courteous tone to resolve any issues. Clarify your stand and remove
confusion or issues that may be raised by buyers and their feedback or reviews. Pay special attention to
the warning mail from

#3 Always Respond Quickly to Buyers-

Create a plan of action for Amazon account management and make sure you have a plan for responding
to buyers. This applies to questions, order acknowledgment, packing and shipping, and post-purchase
issues. Amazon may ask you to submit such a plan of action to avoid Account Suspension.

#4 Monitor Account Health on a Daily Basis-

Avoid the suspended status of an Amazon account by monitoring the health of your account, which
means there should be no complaints about order defects and little or no pre-fulfillment cancellations
by the seller.

#5 Improving Late Shipment Rates-

This can be grounds for suspension of Amazon account so avoid late shipment. It is calculated by
dividing the number of orders not shipped since the date of confirmation by the number of orders
shipped on time and must be less than 4%.

#6 Increase Product Quality, Stay Away from Brands and Trademarks-

Be sure to stock and sell only quality, proven products and avoid brands and trademarks as these can be
grounds for infringement that can lead to the suspension of an Amazon seller’s account.

#7 Avoid Fake Notifications-

Avoid the temptation to sell counterfeit, duplicate, knock-off, and counterfeit products to create a
fastback. This will boomerang and result in the Amazon account being suspended and coming back
which means you have a tough job ahead. You may need to contact an Amazon Account Rescue
specialist to help you. Account Suspension(1) Account Suspension

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