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Refund Policy

Dear Seller,

Thank you for showing interest / opting for our services. We are requesting you to go through our refund policy for exit procedures. Company refers to first party Markzmania. Client refers to a second party Seller. Refund Policy:

We at Markzmania maintain complete transparency and in-case our clients are not satisfied with our services. We provide a refund or extension of service period to maintain a healthy long term future relationship.


Service Type And Refunds:

1. Reinstatement Service: Half Refund (After 50 days).

2. Other Services: (Website Development, SEO, SMM, etc)On a work report basis (Minimum 1 Month Service).

3. Once you have taken any service from us (Markzmania). Your service will be delivered within the stipulated time. If your service is not provided or gets pending due to insufficient data or information. You must claim the refund within 45 days, otherwise your right to refund will be canceled and you will not be able to claim the refund. You can also re-initiate your service by paying 30% of your service charge.

Even if advised of the possibility of such damages.


Process and Audit:

1. All refunds will be granted on the basis of work report.

2. Our escalation team will look over the amount of work, keeping client and company.

3. On the basis of an internal audit by the escalation team, the amount (in percentage) of refund will be shared with both the account department and client.

4. In-case our escalation team feels the work can be completed within the certain TAT, refund will not be processed.



1. Refunds are processed within 6 days after raising the refund request at

2. Refunds are processed only on Upcoming Saturdays.

3. Refunds will only be processed after completion of the service period opted by the seller.

4. Refunds in-case seller uses another service provider/person/himself/company during the service period of 50 days mentioned in refunds will be made after 60 days.

Company (Markzmania Digital Marketing Agency) reserves the right for change in refund policy.

Note: We do not intend to dissatisfy our clients but for better transparency our refund policy has been shared with your organization.