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Flipkart Product Listing Services

Flipkart is one of the largest online stores in India that connects sellers and buyers on its platform which works on the B2C model. Anyone can become a Flipkart seller who is a manufacturer or retailer in any category.

Markzmania is a professional digital and online marketing company and we are providing online Flipkart product listing services in Varanasi for a long time, we are well-versed with the latest formats and techniques.

What we do for you on flipkart

Our sole aim is to increase the sales of our customers. Flipkart is one of those e-commerce portals on which seller presence is important to increase sales. With Markzmania, and Flipkart listing services, products are listed in a better way than any other sales channel. We always work by using the latest technologies to ensure that the number of visitors to the product page is increasing day by day. We guide our customers who sell products through Flipkart and provide them with custom solutions under Flipkart Product Listing Services.

We will:-

Flipkart Product Listing Services

We will create a seller account for your business/company profile with the given information and present a good image. Along with this, the Brand Approval (GTIN) process is also done by us.

Once setup your sales account and verify all the details. The next step is to upload the brand authorization letter or trademark that you already have from the brand and get approval from Flipkart on the brand and category you want to sell.

Our Flipkart product listing services will help you to list your product and optimize information like product id, product categories, product tags, upload images and provide correct description of image and products, SEO optimization keywords search. Your product and other details required then make the product come to life.

We build a professional and attractive catalog with high quality photos for your product.

The products you are listing should be classified correctly as it helps in product growth and product recommendation when similar items are discovered.

Whatever product you list, it should be described in a Flipkart SEO friendly manner so that it is easy to understand and e-commerce marketplaces like Flipkart will rank it. We will write the description with seo optimized keywords, provide alt text and description for the images and we will also provide graphic images to make the product detailed in short and crisp.

We have the complete resources to shoot your photo images separately and at right angles with a team of professional photo editors who handle all of your product image editing process. Product Images The shoot and image editing process helps to make your product image attractive and give an amazing experience to the consumers.

Once the products are listed, it should be promoted to increase its visibility to the audience, it will give a good result in terms of its sales. Provide you with the right techniques and strategies to perform Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization, and also provide you with images, graphics and animated videos and posts that are effective and engaging. We will also guide you on how you can promote your product on your personal accounts. We generally focus on increasing the organic reach of the product.

We manage our customers’ accounts well; Working on your products regularly and the site is an effective way to keep your listings updated and fresh. We manage your inventory, account health, customer reviews and also keep it updated We regularly work with promotion of your products so that they remain visible and don’t fade in no time. Our professional account manager will share daily work report to you.

AUTHORIZED FLIPKART SERVICE provider Network - Flipkart spn

Why to choose us

With Markzmania, your dream of selling products online on Flipkart can come true with minimal effort. So, make sure you contact us now to discuss the details of your product. We are sure that you will like this decision. Flipkart SPN
We definitely fit the bill for everyone who wants to get a complete Flipkart product listing service that helps them with every aspect from store setup to sales.  We are an AUTHORIZED FLIPKART SERVICE PARTNER
Our team of experts helps you showcase your products in a prominent way with professional product illustrations and eye-catching descriptions.
We also market your product to thousands of potential buyers with advertising channels and social media platforms.

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